Here’s why Ontario School of Ballet is the right dance studio for your family:

  • Live piano accompanist for ballet classes
  • Desk staff available to assist you during all teaching hours, every day
  • Each family receives a Recital Package including a costume, tights, photos and a DVD
  • All costumes are sewn or purchased for you – No hassles for parents
  • A professionally produced Recital you will be proud to invite your family to
  • 32 years of offering classes that make it fun to learn and instill discipline and self-confidence
  • A community school where students are nurtured and cared for

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Students are entered for examinations in Ballet, Jazz and Tap graded by independent examiner
  • All studios are equipped with sprung floors covered with speciality Rosco Dance Flooring which helps reduce the risk of injuries and allows students to dance longer before getting tired
  • Specialized teachers for each dance type to offer a higher calibre of training and a better fit with your child’s personality
  • Mirrors that start at floor level so that dancers can see their feet from any place on the dance floor

The Place You Start is the Place You Stay

"I am so grateful for the difference you have made in my child’s life. Through her exposure to all of you and to dance she has learned about discipline, respect, patience, teamwork, grace, beauty, and the joy of movement all of which will serve her well wherever her life takes her."
– Kristine Gaston, OSB Parent
"We have a bond together that other studios don't share. I have been at OSB for 12 amazing years now and I am glad that I grew up, and will continue to grow, in this wonderful dance community. OSB is basically my second home and this is my extended family."
– Emily Salinas, Senior Student

Benefits of Dance Training

The benefits of dance training extend into every facet of our lives. It provides students with an excellent form of exercise – exercise that increases energy and develops correct posture, which is essential to good health and bodily appearance. It also develops the co-ordination, reflex skills, muscle tone, correct breathing, musicality and poise needed for self-confidence.

In addition to the physical benefits, dance training is one of the only forms of education that teaches students self-discipline, concentration and dedication. In today’s society this knowledge is a prerequisite for all successful individuals. Whether the personal aspirations of our students are to perform, teach, work in related fields or solely for their own enjoyment and development, the Ontario School of Ballet’s curriculum will ensure that each student receives the training needed to attain their own personal objective.