Creative Brain Dance

Creative Brain Dance is being offered at Ontario School of Ballet & Related Art’s *NEW* Oakwood location as an 7 week workshop

NOTE: Caregivers are welcome to be present in the classroom with the children.

Q: What is Creative Brain Dance?

A: Creative Brain Dance classes provide a delightful and nurturing environment for children as young as 6 months to discover, explore, and develop dance skills and artistic-expression through the joy of movement!

Q: What can I expect from the class?

A: Students will explore age-appropriate movement concepts, while learning basic dance skills and expanding their imaginations, in this joyful and engaging class.  Activities include a unique warm-up that enhances academic learning.  Dancing solo, in pairs, and with the group will be encouraged.

Meet our Teacher!


About our teacher, Annemarie Cabri:

Annemarie Cabri trained in Ottawa and later graduated from Canada’s National Ballet School, Toronto.  After seven seasons with The Dutch National Ballet, Amsterdam, Annemarie moved to Vancouver dancing as independent artist and company member with Judith Marcuse Dance.  Annemarie is mother of two, director of Cabri Creative Dance in Victoria, BC, and guest teacher/choreographer across Canada.  Annemarie’s specialty is in Brain-compatible Dance Education for all ages, abilities, and in diverse environments in the community.  The school year 2014/15 Annemarie was Head of Junior School Professional Ballet Division, School of Alberta Ballet, Calgary, and received a Canada Council Grant for Teacher training at School of Paris Opera, Paris.



1) Reorganization of the neurological system: The developmental movement patterns wire the central nervous system laying the foundation for sensory-motor development and life long learning.

2) Increased blood and oxygen flow to the respiratory system and brain: Because oxygen and blood are food for the brain, deep breathing and aerobic exercise are essential for a fully functioning brain and body.

3) Enhanced core support, connectivity, and alignment: The BrainDance reviews for us the early baby patterns that lay down structure in the neuromuscular system, influence brain development, and help us cope with the world in an embodied way. These patterns, done in an orderly progression, help us remember the parts of our visceral and muscular system that support our body structure.

4) Deeper understanding of the elements of dance technique: Focusing on BrainDance patterns at the beginning of class helps dancers become more articulate and expressive as the developmental movement patterns are an integral part of every dance style. The first four patterns of the BrainDance are fundamental to performing any form of dance. The last four patterns dancers practice daily: pliés and port de bras (Upper-Lower), tendus, battements, (Body Side), center work (Cross Lateral), turns and springs (Vestibular).

Register in person today!

Registration is open at 1133 St. Clair Avenue West & 473 Oakwood Avenue

August 10th – 26th

Monday – Friday: 9am – 8pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: 1pm – 4pm

After August 26th

Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm

Saturday: 10am – 4pm

Sunday: 1pm – 4pm


Register and make a payment before August 28th to receive a discount!

A discount is given for registrations made before August 28th. Please contact the office for discount information. We offer family discounts for families with two or more children dancing at OSB.

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