The Trillium Dance Company attended the 2016 American Dance Awards in Mississauga from April 15th-17th!

Our dancers did incredibly well this weekend and won some very special awards along the way. Congratulations everyone!

What is the TDC?

The Trillium Dance Company is our intensive training program offered to provide dedicated students with the opportunity to further their technical skills for the purpose of entering provincial and national performance competitions.


Ultimate Gold for Hailey O – Tap
1st in category:
Hailey O – Tap
Isabella M – Lyrical
Maci – Ballet

Hailey O placed 3rd runner up for ‘Young Dancer of the Year!’



Ultimate Gold for Can You Feel It, Walking Papers, Raid, and Zig Zaggity Woop Woop.
1st in category for Dolls and Walking Papers.
Young duet /trio 3rd place – Degas Ballerinas
Young large group 4th overall – Breaking Up the House, 3rd overall – Dolls
Junior duet trio- 3rd overall Emergency
Junior small group: 3rd overall Walking Papers
Junior class: 1st overall Zig Zaggity Woop Woop
Junior extended and production: 1st overall – Raid
Top Ten 12 and under solos: 9th overall Ava for Found
Highest adjudication: 3rd overall – Raid

DAY 3:

Ultimate gold and first place – Feeling Good
Ultimate gold – Code, Let Em In, Landslide, BPM, Submerged, I’m my own Walkman, Samsketyi, Carousel

Ultimate Gold & 1st in category:
Vania D-B – Lyrical
Vanessa D – Tap

Ultimate Gold for:
‘Arms of the Ocean’
Amanda A – Pointe & Tap
Veronica H – Tap

A very special congrats to Vania D-B who won Senior Dancer of the Year!
Every solo in our evening session from OSB received Ultimate Gold! Fantastic work, everyone!! Teen duet/ trio:
4th overall – ‘Carousel
2nd overall – ‘I’m my own Walkman’

Teen small group:
4th overall – ‘Let ‘Em In’
3rd overall – ‘Feeling Good’

Teen large group:
4th overall – ‘Arms of the Ocean’
2nd overall – ‘Samskeyti’

Senior duet trio:
3rd overall – ‘Landslide’
1st overall – ‘BPM’

Top ten 13 and over soloists:
Vania D-B – 2nd place

Congratulations to Meredith G who won Teen Dancer of the Year for her Lyrical solo ‘Ne Me Quitte Pas.’ 


Raid wins the Junior Diamond Dance Off at Candance Orillia!

Zig Zaggity Woop Woop won 3rd place

Choreography award and Peoples Choice award for Raid!

Ava wins Be Discovered Superstar in LA scholarship!


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