A dancer should always be perfectly dressed and groomed. It is part of the self-discipline which goes hand-in-hand with the dance training itself, and is evidence of the pupil’s serious approach. The most obvious points to remember are that shoes should be neat and clean and the leotard should fit correctly and comfortably. Boys should wear their hair short. Girls should choose a neat style with long hair tied back, it must be in a bun for all dance forms to give a good line to the head and neck. Long fringes should
be pinned back to show the face clearly, and no jewellery should be worn during the class. It distracts the teacher’s eye and if it flies off can prove dangerous to the others in the class.
REMEMBER To put the following in your dance bag each week:
1. Clean leotard
2. Clean socks or tights
3. Clean shoes
4. All things necessary to make your hair neat and tidy
5. Any props needed for class or for Character dance

Available at the Studio:
o Dancewear – our regulation uniforms
o Hair Kits
For all other dancewear we recommend:
The Dancewear Centre

1150 Sheppard Ave W Unit 11, Toronto, ON M3K 2B5


Dress Regulations


• Pink tights Mondor 345C

• Leotards Mondor 1645C Pink (Creative-Grade 2), Navy (Grade 3-5), Black tank leotard (Int. Foundation-Solo Seal)

• 1/2” Elastic waist band to match Leotard

• Pink ballet slippers with matching elastics or ribbons

• Character skirt must be solid black with 3 rows of blue ribbon around the bottom, fall to the bottom of the kneecap and be fully gathered. Order directly from The Dancewear Centre.

• Character shoes must be black Bloch Grades 1 & 2: style #315 (3/4” heel) Grades 3 – 5: style #314 (1 1/4” heel)


• Beige tights Mondor 345C

• Black leotard Mondor 1645C

• Beige jazz shoes


• Any colour leotard

• Footless or convertible tights

Tap – including Pre Primary Jazz/Tap

• Beige tights Mondor 345C

• Black leotard Mondor 1645C

• Tap Shoes

Pre-Junior/Junior 1-3: Beige Cuban heel Pre Inter & Inter: Black Oxford

*Pre-Primary Jazz/Tap and Primary Tap: Black Mary Jane Leather Buckle Strap

Hip Hop

• Comfortable dance clothes (no jeans)

• Running shoes/Jazz sneakers

• Black tights or bike shorts

• White t-shirt

• White socks

• White leather ballet slippers with matching 1/2” elastic


• Black non-lacing split sole jazz shoe


• Black oxford tap shoe