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With RAD exams coming in the spring, we wanted to share with you what the RAD is and WHY it’s our chosen syllabus at Ontario School of Ballet.

OSB students are currently preparing for exams and our RAD Coaching Classes for the Grade 1-5 students start this Sunday, February 21st.



RAD stands for the Royal Academy of Dance and was founded in 1920 in the United Kingdom. Before this, there was no standard of teaching in London or the UK and no way to measure qualifications with any accuracy.



… today we have a presence in 79 countries, with 36 offices and approximately 14,000 members worldwide. We count more than 1,000 students in our teacher training programmes and more than a quarter of a million students are being examined on our syllabi.

Now in our 94th year, we continue to promote and develop excellence in dance.

Our alumni have gone on to work with the most prestigious dance companies and to become the best teachers. And, as part of our social responsibility remit, we continue to bring dance into a growing range of communities and schools.” 


At Ontario School of Ballet & Related Arts we train all our ballet students in the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. All classes are taught by registered teachers with the RAD.

View our Faculty Page to learn more about all our wonderful teachers.

Royal Academy of Dance Syllabi Graded levels teach self-confidence and self-discipline, hand-in hand with ballet technique. Transitioning from our Introductory Ballet Programs at the age of 7 or 8, students must attend two-three times per week and are given the opportunity to participate in RAD examinations.

After successfully completing exam, Ontario School of Ballet hosts an annual Tea Party for students and parents to celebrate their dedication and success! View photos from our annual Tea Party on our Facebook Page. We can’t wait to celebrate with students again this Spring!


Why are qualifications so important?

Ballet is just as much a sport as it is an art, and without proper knowledge an untrained or poorly trained teacher can do harm to their students! In December 2015 the BBC covered this issue and reported on its findings.

“Unqualified ballet teachers can ‘damage’ children”


For Its Beauty

Beyond the tradition, sophistication and educational benefits, the RAD syllabus has a truly beautiful aesthetic! Don’t believe us? Watch this video of a company class at The Royal Ballet in London, filmed for World Ballet Day in 2014, OR come to one of our upcoming recitals for a glimpse at what RAD training can develop in a student.

Learn more about the RAD or join a class with our accredited teachers

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