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Ontario School of Ballet Annual Recital

12:00 am—11:59 pm

Annual Recital: June 12-21, 2015 Stage experience is an important component of dance training. Each year Ontario School of Ballet provides an amazing performance opportunity for all students. This full-length production creates a wonderful memory for our young students and their families. Students perform choreographies created for them by our talented faculty, providing young artists…

  • "I just wanted to say that behind every great test result, stands a great teacher. I know my daughter has to deliver, but she wouldn’t have the discipline, the dedication and the love of dance if she did not have all of that to look up to in her teacher. You are an inspiring role model – I am so grateful for your presence in my child’s life."
    - Kristine Gaston, OSB Parent
  • "I am so grateful for the difference you have made in my child’s life. Through her exposure to all of you and to dance she has learned about discipline, respect, patience, teamwork, grace, beauty, and the joy of movement all of which will serve her well wherever her life takes her."
    - Kristine Gaston, OSB Parent
  • "We have a bond together that other studios don't share. I have been at OSB for 12 amazing years now and I am glad that I grew up, and will continue to grow, in this wonderful dance community. OSB is basically my second home and this is my extended family."
    – Emily Salinas, Senior Student

Preparing for a performance is no easy feat! Class, choreography, rehersals and tons of practice have to happen before we even think about hitting the stage. The OSB faculty has a few more tips to share as we head into performance season to help make sure you have the best possible experience. #1. Write It…

World Tutu Day

Happy World Tutu Day! On February 2nd all around the world dancers and dance lovers are celebrating the art of ballet. Originating in Australia, World Tutu Day is as an annual world wide fundraising event in support of ballet education. CLASSICAL TUTU SKIRT Classical Tutu skirts are available in the softer English Tutu style or…

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